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Erin Corner brings unique perspective and impact to reputation and crisis management.

1. A corporate insider’s view and deep experience of what’s needed to ensure companies move with pace. 2.  Proven know-how on how to communicate in a crisis, with persuasion and power. 3. Most of all, she energises collaboration, and gets the big things done, and fast. Erin quite simply is the perfect crisis navigator.

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green heartbeat-short.png

As a true professional her attention to detail, ability to strategise and her effortless leadership has benefited both the business

and those within it.

Always thinking 5 moves ahead is how

I would describe Erin.”

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“She has the rare ability to make work purposeful and meaningful - to help drive that little

extra passion into every day.”

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“Razor sharp, proactive, articulate, knowledgeable, calming. Erin gets results

and she's the kind of person you

want leading your team.”


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If the iceberg hits, there is no one I'd

rather have on board than Erin Corner.

For starters, she would have seen it coming and made sure we had enough lifeboats.

Secondly, I know her plan will rally my crew,

calm my passengers and alert the appropriate authorities that we need a rescue.

Sometimes in business, and in boating, shit goes wrong. How you weather the storm - whether you sink in one swift and soundless motion or sail on with your mast intact - depends, in my experience, on what you do first.

Erin's expert and strategic service gives your company preparation and planning to mitigate reputational risk. Through uniting your people, assembling partners and communicating to your customers like a human, she helps you turn in the crucial, initial stages of any crisis away from the iceberg that's dead ahead. Get her on board.

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“In a crisis, I believe Erin really excels. Her ability to prepare people and plan for every possible scenario meant there was no situation

that could not be handled or

walked through with confidence.”

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