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Strategic crisis management

Active crisis management

Preparedness review

Brand recovery strategy

Crisis manuals

Erin Corner brings unique perspective and impact to reputation and crisis management. 1. A corporate insider’s view and deep experience of what’s needed to ensure companies move with pace. 2.  Proven know-how on how to communicate in a crisis, with persuasion and power. 3. Most of all, she energises collaboration, and gets the big things done, and fast. Erin quite simply is the perfect crisis navigator. Chris Savage - The Savage Co.

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CM-Strategic Crisis Mgmt
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Strategic crisis management

Synchronise the efforts of your internal team and trusted partners to drive effective crisis response strategy that supports long-term commercial success. In four key areas:

  1. Active crisis management

  2. Effective preparation

  3. Brand recovery strategy

  4. Crisis manuals

Active crisis management

  • 01-crisis marketing “surthrival” plan
    Facilitate the development of a comprehensive strategic management plan to guide your response to crisis events along the relationship continuum.


Effective preparation

  • 02-readiness review
    Assess the preparedness of companies to respond to reputation issues that could disrupt business-as-usual, and identify where planning is flawed or incomplete
  • 03-risk management framework
    Work with Boards to recognise the importance of including reputational risk in the organisation’s risk management framework
  • 04-crisis marketing framework
    Understand your reputation blindspots, and facilitate the development of a comprehensive, strategic framework to address them
  • 05-communication compliance training
    We’ll share our experience, from over 30-years in advertising and marketing, how to create effective communications that are ACL compliant
  • 06-Set-up for start-ups
    We’ll apply our experience building trust through brand reputation while you focus on building your start-up


Brand recovery strategy

  • 07-brand recovery strategy
    Plot a course for successful brand recovery that leverages the opportunity for change, so you don’t just survive a crisis, you thrive, and prevent it happening again


Crisis manuals 

  • 08-crisis manual
    Prepare, motivate and equip your staff to respond to any crisis calmly and effectively. Not a crisis manual as you know them but a comprehensive guide your team can rely on to navigate any crisis successfully.

We’re ready to jump into any challenge, including active crisis management, or work with you to be better prepared to manage one. Because preparation is the most powerful weapon you can take into battle.


Let the Reputation Continuum work with you to build a response framework to navigate unexpected events or issues that create uncertainty and put your reputation, and therefore your business, at risk.

A framework that includes engaging your trusted legal and PR advisors in developing a strategy that supports the long game, while staying true to your purpose.


That reassures your customers and galvanizes your team culture. A simple, strategic, comprehensive approach

to managing risk and

a powerful resource to

deploy in active crisis.

We're good in a crisis

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