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CEO and Managing Director


"Erin quite simply is the

perfect crisis navigator."



“Always thinking 5 moves ahead is how I would describe Erin.”


“In a crisis, I believe Erin really excels. Her ability to prepare people and plan for every possible scenario meant there was no situation that could not be handled or walked through with confidence.”


“As a true professional her attention to detail, ability to strategise and her effortless leadership has benefited both the business and those within it”.


“Through uniting your people, assembling partners and communicating to your customers like a human, she helps you turn in the crucial, initial stages of any crisis away from the iceberg that's dead ahead. Get her on board.”


“Razor sharp, proactive, articulate, knowledgeable, calming. Erin gets results and she's the kind of person you want leading your team.”

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A commercially-minded marketing professional with a diverse experience asset across 40+ categories and 50+ companies including developing corporate strategy, building brands, defining value propositions, experience design and crisis management.

Erin’s experience includes being a key decision-maker in the boardroom, a media insider, creative agency board member, leader of a cutting-edge media agency and tech start-up owner / builder.

Erin has extensive experience dealing with crisis strategy development, response, management and communications resultant from issues including, but not limited to: ACCC compliance; parliamentary inquiry; IPO; data breach; privacy breach; product fault or failure; and, personnel issues including succession, resignation or malfeasance at staff, Exec or Board level.


Over 30-years experience gives her a unique 360-degree perspective, and an empathy for her industry colleagues that can only come from working side-by-side, as well as key insights into how to drive value through these relationships. Particularly important in an environment of transformation, crisis management and brand recovery.


Erin understands how to manage complex relationships in diverse, multi-disciplinary and multi-layered organisations in a way that promotes synergy and opportunity. 


This underpins her ability to work within your organisation to drive the development of an agile and effective strategy designed to systematically address challenges and leverage opportunities closely aligned to business strategy, with a laser-sharp focus on profitability and longevity.

Erin is experienced at working with legal and compliance teams to manage risk and achieve key outcomes without delay or compromise. And leading teams through periods of business transformation, focusing on moments that matter.


Erin brings the knowledge that comes from being a business ‘insider’ and combines it with her experience with lawyers, regulators and agencies.

In a crisis her expertise lies in managing challenges in a way that delivers sustainable commercial outcomes while enabling you to get on with business-as-usual, as well as plan for a better future. 

professional style

  • agile, intuitive and decisive leader

  • innovative, strategic, extremely organised and outcomes driven

  • collaborative and consultative leadership style

  • laser sharp focus on aligning what’s important to the organisation with what’s important to the customer to define key stakeholder and customer value propositions

  • good in a crisis: high pressure, high stakes environments are her happy place

  • calm. courageous. realistic optimist


Please go to LinkedIn for more detailed information about Erin's career experience.

erin will

  • listen closely to your needs and design a future place for you to exist harmoniously

  • use her experience to guide you through the process comprehensively and successfully

  • engage with your trusted legal, PR, advertising and marketing partners, and bring in the right specialists when needed in the context of the bigger picture

  • be on hand to help with any hiccups, work in any changes as the plan progresses

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