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strategic management

the reputation continuum's role (the other 90%)

Using the knowledge of a business ‘insider’ combined with our experience with lawyers, regulators and agencies we help companies navigate reputation issues along the entire continuum, to minimise disruption and the commercial damage caused by
reputation loss.

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the biggest risk comes from within


In our experience, the biggest risk for companies with a reputation issue comes from within the organisation. Structure and internal process are not geared towards driving effective response strategy at the rapid pace dictated by the unfolding issue. When combined with flawed preparation, this lack of agility is a major contributor to the commercial damage that comes from reputation loss.  


We’ll work with you to build a response framework to navigate unexpected events or issues that create uncertainty and put your reputation, and therefore your business, at risk.

The model relies on you having great legal, PR, marketing and advertising partners in place with the expertise to support you as specific issues arise. And a great internal team that you need to prepare, motivate and equip for the journey ahead.


the goal is synchronisation


Our role as navigator is to help you synchronise the efforts of your internal team and your trusted partners. With the result of enabling them to work simultaneously on achieving the right outcomes to address the issue at hand, as well as the long game, while staying true to your purpose.

  • we start by assessing your preparedness to respond to reputation issues that could disrupt business-as-usual

  • then identify where planning is flawed or incomplete

  • we help you manage the distraction of uncertainty that can last for weeks, months or years

  • by getting the strategy right and then your story straight.

First the strategy,

then your story

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the reputation continuum service offering

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marketing fundamentals

strategic crisis management


marketing consultancy



We offer reputation risk assessment, reputation crisis management framework development, crisis marketing planning, crisis manuals and brand recovery strategy.


We work with Boards to recognise the importance of including reputation in the organisation’s risk management framework.


We also offer training to develop effective communications that are compliant, based on almost 30-years experience in advertising and marketing.


And we work with start-ups to build trust through brand reputation while they focus on building the start-up.

team lead: Erin Corner


Erin’s experience includes being a key decision-maker in the boardroom, a media insider, creative agency board member, leader of a cutting-edge media agency and tech start-up owner / builder.


Almost 30-years experience gives her a unique 360-degree perspective, and an empathy for her industry colleagues that can only come from working side-by-side, as well as key insights into how to drive value through these relationships. Particularly important in an environment of crisis management and brand recovery.


Erin understands how to manage complex relationships in diverse, multi-disciplinary and multi-layered organisations in a way that promotes synergy and opportunity. 


This underpins her ability to work within your organisation to drive the development of an agile and effective response strategy designed to minimise disruption to your business and the commercial damage caused by reputation loss. 

Erin Corner brings unique perspective and impact to reputation and crisis management. 1. A corporate insider’s view and deep experience of what’s needed to ensure companies move with pace. 2.  Proven know-how on how to communicate in a crisis, with persuasion and power. 3. Most of all, she energises collaboration, and gets the big things done, and fast. Erin quite simply is the perfect crisis navigator.

Chris Savage - The Savage Co.


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Erin will

  • listen closely to your needs and design a future place for you to exist harmoniously

  • use her experience with agencies, regulators and lawyers to guide you through the process comprehensively and successfully

  • engage with your trusted legal, PR, advertising and marketing partners, and bring in the right specialists when needed in the context of the bigger picture

  • be on hand to help with any hiccups, work in any changes as the plan progresses

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