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In our experience, the biggest risk for companies with a reputation issue comes from within the organisation

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Reputation Risk Factors (5-Ps)

Structure and internal process aren't geared towards driving effective response strategy at the rapid pace dictated by the unfolding issue. When combined with flawed preparation, this lag of agility is a major contributor to the commmercial damage that comes from reputation loss.  Think it won't happen to you? Find out what companies in reputation crisis have in common.

most companies have the right people and the right partners,
so why do they fail in the moments that matter?

When companies fail in the moments that matter it’s not usually because they don’t have the right people, or the right legal, PR and agency partners.  The bigger challenge is how to keep your best people when you need them most, and how to synchronise the efforts of your trusted partners. With the result of enabling them to work simultaneously on achieving the right outcomes to address the issue at hand, as well as the long game.

what’s different about the reputation continuum?

At the reputation continuum we take the knowledge that comes from being a business ‘insider’ and combine it with our experience with lawyers, regulators and agencies to drive effective response strategy, fast.

think it won't happen to you?

Few companies do.  And they don't expect it to escalate so fast, or do so much damage.  Companies in reputation crisis often:

  • are not prepared because they didn't see it coming or think it could happen to them

  • sustain greater damage from the way they react or because they take too long to do so

  • didn't realise their internal process and systems would pose a bigger risk than the issue itself

  • don’t have the capability or the capacity in house to manage it successfully

  • didn't expect a reputation issue to be so distracting and immediately disrupt business-as-usual for weeks, months even years

  • behave like a cold corporate, compromising the opportunity to connect in a way that humans understand and respond to

it won't happen

How prepared

are you?

Assess your preparedness.

How prepared are you to handle reputation issues that could disrupt your business?

Find out in 60-seconds.

Discover how we can support you:

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Marketing fundamentals

Strategic crisis management


"In a crisis, I believe Erin really excels. Her ability to prepare people and plan for every possible scenario meant there was no situation that could not be handled or walked through with confidence."


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