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what's  a reputation issue?

Most reputation issues stem from a breach of consumer trust. Companies do it all the time – it’s constantly in the news. And consumers have been conditioned to expect it.  But they’re no longer willing to accept it, and social media makes it very easy for them to call out bad company

behaviour instantly, and globally.


So what does a reputation issue look like?

It can turn up in social without warning and 

might seem minor at first. It doesn’t even

have to be true because the rules of fairness

don’t apply in the court of social media. 

The one thing they all have in common

is they result in commercial damage, fast. 

Not least because they make customers switch

to your competitors, or decide they don’t need

you at all. They can also make your staff

consider leaving when you need them most. 

Your reputation is all about trust and it’s commercially viable because trust drives loyalty. 

It should be viewed as a continuum because reputations are built through multiple interactions over time.  Good reputations enable your business to prosper in fair weather and foul.


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