Wouldn’t it be great if we knew exactly where to go for the latest information about coronavirus?

summary: Wouldn’t it be great if we knew exactly where to go for the latest information about the coronavirus and what that means to us as individuals as well as a community? A one-stop shop we could rely on that’s easy to find and use. An official resource that provides clarity and reassurance rather than confusion and anxiety. We can’t rely on the way we’ve always done things to effectively meet a new challenge like coronavirus. Which is why the “stay safe, stay well” hub website could be a critical community engagement tool in navigating this crisis so we all stay safe and well in the days, weeks and months ahead. The hub concept also works well for companies and is brilliant for schools in managing the infodemic.


I’ve just pitched an idea on the WA State Government’s ithink site. You can go vote for it now – and while you are there add your own brilliant ideas to keep us safe and well during this crisis.

Here’s the idea as it appears on ithink: “stay safe, stay well” official hub website.

  • a one stop shop, single source of truth for all the information we need to know to stay safe and well and protect those who are vulnerable.

  • a resource we can rely on to always be updated with the latest information presented in a simple, engaging, easy to understand way so we don’t have to make sense of the infodemic ourselves

  • works because clarity promotes understanding. Understanding promotes compliance. Compliance = minimizing the spread of Covid-19 so we can save lives and get things back to the new normal as soon as possible!

  • minimises the opportunity for creative interpretations by people doing things differently to suit themselves.

We’re #allinthistogether so we all need to be clear on what #dotherightthing looks like today, right now, every day until this crisis is over.

We can’t rely on the way we’ve always done things to effectively meet a new challenge like coronavirus. There’s a better way to achieve the right outcomes: the “stay safe, stay well” hub website.

It really is as simple as it sounds, which is why it works. But it needs to be done well, or not at all.

Who benefits from this approach? And how? The entire community – including those most vulnerable. This idea helps to make sense of a complex situation and reduces confusion and anxiety rather than contributing to the infodemic.

The coronavirus “stay safe, stay well” hub website

  • is a well organised, comprehensive, user-friendly and dynamic online resource that builds as the crisis unfolds. Including FAQs to provide answers to questions ordinary people have.

  • Is a single source of truth that people can depend upon to have the latest, most accurate information provided by government and experts that they can access immediately online or their smart phone

  • Keeps it simple. Stays true to the concept less is more.

  • Enables a great user experience for people who want to know exactly how to behave in order to stay safe and well, in a way that also protects others.

  • Facilitates engagement with the community in a way that creates confidence and inspires trust, rather than creating uncertainty, confusion or anxiety.

Some of the key benefits of this “hub” approach include:

1. A proven platform to create, manage and stay across the wealth of information about the coronavirus, which is in a constant state of change and likely to continue for months

2. Reduces anxiety in the community by providing clarity around what the latest information is and what that means for them

3. Increases effectiveness of initiatives to educate and change behaviours to keep the community safe because there is clarity around the what, how and when of each – able to be provided at the pace of the unfolding issue.

4. Reduces risk to the community by enabling effective management of message redundancy (e.g. the daily onslaught on TV, socials, media etc.).

5. Improves the experience of the community by providing ready access to a trusted and reliable single source of truth – when they need it. It reduces the “infodemic”

6. Facilitates engagement and connection with the community at a time of remote learning and social distancing.

We can provide expert help, right now We have the communications experience and customer experience design credentials to lead the development and ongoing management of this critical resource that could play a key role in shifting community behaviours to ensure we all stay safe and well in the days, weeks and months ahead.

We can provide expert help in key areas, including:

  1. develop the hub sitemap / wireframes

  2. collate and organise the current information resource for incorporation into the hub - everything created so far that is still current or relevant

  3. develop a framework for future hub update to ensure it remains a single source of truth the community can trust - includes content strategy

  4. lead the development of the hub, including ongoing management or comprehensive handover strategy - focus on customer experience excellence.

This concept could work well in your company and is also brilliant for schools

This hub site concept is a tried and tested crisis management tool. It’s also perfect for schools because it reduces the high frequency of war-and-peace emails clogging our inboxes with information that’s redundant almost as soon as it arrives. Wouldn’t that make life easier?

It is reassuring to hear from the principal on a regular basis but the idea of receiving at least three volumes a week from each of my children’s schools fills me with dread. It also makes me anxious I might be missing something in the sea of emails already filling my inbox from every brand I’ve ever had anything to do with in the past 30 years that suddenly thinks they can help me by sending me a lengthy email filled with nothing useful.

This hub site concept is a tried and tested crisis management tool. If you’d like to talk more about how it could work for your company, we’d love to hear from you.

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