Covid-19 lessons & the new normal - Business Women Australia, June Mastermind highlights

I recently had the privilege of delivering the June Mastermind for Business Women Australia: Covid-19 lessons and the roadmap to the new normal. Here are some of the highlights and you can also watch a video of the presentation on my site.

Presentation highlights

Challenges, issues and crises are part of corporate life

While a catastrophe like Covid-19 comes along only once in a lifetime the reality is that challenges, issues and crises are part of corporate life. In the Mastermind presentation we talked about giving history a future by extracting the key learnings from the experience of managing your business through Covid-19 and translating them into actionable inputs into your recovery strategy.

The session was delivered as a methodology in 3-parts

The session was delivered as a methodology in 3-parts: capturing the lessons learned, distilling them into strategic inputs and achieving a new level of preparedness – Covid-19 is your current crisis but it’s not your next.

We highlighted the importance of facilitating a conversation with your team, your Exec and your Board, now

We talked about how important it is right now to facilitate a conversation with your team, your exec and your board about this. And the value of an external facilitator so everyone on the team can participate fully in the conversation and that the time spent is productive and results in actionable outcomes essential to future success and profitability. We also talked about a general level of fatigue that can understandably be found in some businesses and the big commitment required to navigate business ‘unusual’ for the foreseeable future.

The reputation continuum can help by bringing deep experience and a new energy to the table

We can bring a new energy and experienced resource to the table to support your team. Many people have been forced into this brand recovery space for the first time, and while a lot of them have the skills to succeed, we have the skills as well as a deep experience asset to offer in the brand recovery space.

Our experience, methodologies and commercial experience are highly transferable to the issues and challenges businesses face all the time, as well as the opportunities!

Our experience, and the methodologies we employ, are highly transferable to the issues and challenges businesses face all the time. While we do find ourselves in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the things we’re learning, the lessons we can take from it and how we translate those into strategic inputs into the forward plan are the same tools, methodologies and approach we can use for any kind of challenge that crops up in a business. That’s one certainty in business. There’s always going to be some challenge, curve ball or big beastly opportunity that you really want to make the most of, covid-related or not! We’ll apply the commercial experience that comes from being a business insider, combined with our marketing and crisis management skills to keep you focused on profitability and longevity as you navigate the new normal.

Take some time to watch the video – we hope you’ll benefit in one of three ways

You’ll achieve at least one of three things: the chance to sit and think about the importance of capturing key learnings for future success, practical tools you can take back to use in your own organisations, and/or the benefit of our deep experience in this space by allowing us to come and work alongside you to bring a fresh energy and a new perspective to your team and offset some of their workload.

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